Saturday, 1 September 2012

Mini Poundland Haul

Hi everyone,
Long time no see :)
Sorry I've been a bit absent recently, I've been super busy and been away on holiday.
But today I'm back with a haul!

I went shopping yesterday and as soon as I got off the train I made a bee line for Poundland! I love looking for beauty bargains in there!

I picked up five things but gave one to my sister in law :)

I was so excited to find some Sinful Colors nail polishes! I get very excited when I find American brands in Poundland... :) Yes i'm a little sad...

I picked up 3 colours but only kept the shades Scandal and All Mighty.

(L-R All Mighty, Scandal)

The colours are so bright and pretty, very happy with them. :)

I also managed to find some of the Stila products that have been floating around Poundlands recently. I picked up an Angel Light Whitening Powder Refill. 

Unfortunately I picked up a shade that looks far too dark for me(stupid me for not checking the packaging!), so I think I will feature it in an giveaway which is coming soon!

The last thing that I bought from Poundland is a Rimmel eyeshadow.

It's a 'Stir It Up' eyeshadow, in the shade 'NO WAY!'. I think these are/were only available in the US as I've never seen them over here.

When I swatched this product I was surprised, I thought It was a powder product but it appears to be a cream product with little chunks of powder sat on top, strange!
I will let you know how I get on with this weird little product. :)

So yeah, that concludes my little haul, I am going to try and blog everyday in September so expect to see plenty of posts from me in the near future! 
Also I've been collecting a few bits for a giveaway that I will announce before the end of the month so keep your eyes open for that. :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. love those rimmel eyeshadows i own two and love them

    1. Ooh have you got any tips on how to use them? the one I have does look really pretty when swatched :) xx