Saturday, 21 January 2012

Kitty Cats

I think I should introduce you to my little baby cats :)


This is Fred, he is a 12 year old monkey cat, he is very silly, a bit naughty, crazy and can be very loving. His nicknames include; monkey cat, chubby, Fredaroo, chickpea and bunnycat.

Fred loves tuna juice, whiskas temptations, sneaking into rooms he's not allowed into, sleeping on people's beds, catnip and licking people's fingers.


This is baby Tiddles, he is also 12 and is Fred's brother. Tiddles is a sweetie and loves almost everyone. Tiddles enjoys radiators, walking on surfaces hes not meant to, cheese, whinging for food and being crazily affectionate.

Anyways that's all for now, hope you enjoyed the cute kitty pictures.



10 Most Worn Beauty Products

Hello everyone :) So I found this little survey thingy on the blog of a lovely lady called Louise. Here blog is amazing please do take a look at it -

1. Most Worn Lipstick and Lipgloss

I don't really ever wear lipstick so I'll have to skip that one and the lipgloss I wear the most would have to be a MUA lip gloss in Shade 5. It's so pretty, a bit shimmery, light and not at all sticky. It also smells slighty sweet which is lovely. :)

2. Most Worn Eyeliner

Number 17 Perfect Definition in black. I don't wear eyeliner that much but I find this one very easy to use and gives a nice effect.

3. Most Worn Nail Varnish

I use a Sally Hansen top coat the most but if I want to use a colour I tend to go for Barry M.

4. Most Worn Eyeshadow

I use my Urban Decay Naked palette allll the time and I love it! I tend to go for shimmery golds and nudes when it comes to eye shadow. The ones I use the most out of the Naked palette are Sin, Half Baked and Smog. I also use Urban Decay's eyeshadow called Chopper. All are very lovely and shimmery which I adore :D

5. Most Worn Concealer

I don't use concealer everyday but when I do I use Urban Decay 24/7 concealer pencil in FBI.

6. Most Worn Foundation

Maybeline Dream Matte Mousse in Fawn. It's so smoooth and blends so nicely, makes me happy :D

7. Most Worn Finishing Powder

I don't use one or even own one! I have dry skin so have never really bothered.

8. Most Worn Blusher

I don't wear blusher often but I do own a Maybeline one, can't remember which shade it's in.

9. Most Worn Bronzer

I've never actually worn bronzer but I would like to try it soon!

10. Most Worn Mascara

Boots No 7 Intense Volume in black.

Which products do you wear most often?

Thanks for reading :)



Pretty Dresses!

This is what happens when you get addicted to Pintrest! Here are some beautiful dresses I really love!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cookbook Review - Miss Hope's Chocolate Box by Hope and Greenwood

Well, here goes my first cookbook review!

The book is call 'Miss Hope's Chocolate Box' and is written by Hope and Greenwood

Here is a pretty piccy of the cover.

As I have a very sweet tooth I was drawn to this book straight away, I mean having the phrase 'chocolate box' in the title, it was a given that I was going to want to buy this book!


- Inventive/interesting recipes and flavour combinations

- Beautiful presentation and lots of lovely pictures

- Very well written, lots of funny bits

- Quite a good mix of easy recipes and some more challenging ones

- The book is pretty cheap, under a tenner!

- Some good tips on how to temper chocolate

- A section called 'The Rules', good tips to follow if you've not made sweets and chocolates before :)


- Some of the ingredients would be hard to get hold of or expensive

- Some of the recipes require specialist equipment(chocolate mould etc)

- There's so many lovely things to try, It's going to take me ages to make them all!

Recipes I've Tried

- Black Forest Fudge - This was a gorgeous combination of white chocolate fudge, dark chocolate fudge and glace cherries. It worked beautifully and was easy to make. I decorated mine with more cherries than recommended and little chunks of leftover dark and white chocolate.

- Chocolate sort-of-no-cook Fudge - This is a great recipe if you just want to do a bit of melting and stirring together rather than boiling sugar. It makes a very soft fudge which is very tasty and very sweet! I decorated mine with little chunks of white chocolate and white chocolate stars.

- Honey and Almond Fudge - This was yummy! Pretty easy to make with a lovely hint of honey flavour.

- My Mum's Fairy Princess Cakes - These were so cute! Easy to make and very tasty.

Here are the pictures of my attempt.

So yeah, I'd definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves making sweet treats!

Thanks for reading



New Year, New Blog, New Start.

Helloo :)

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jess.

I'm 21.

I'm a self confessed foodie who adores cooking and has an ever growing obsession with cosmetics and toiletries.

Especially if they shimmer, sparkle or contain glitter!

Things I would love to include in my blog are:


- Lists(Of things i love, ideas, places to go/eat, pretty stuff)

- Beauty Product Reviews

- Food Product Reviews

- Snippets of Everyday Life

- Some of my very basic photography :D

- Lots of smiley faces :D

- Cat Stories

I hope if you're reading that you'll enjoy what I like to waffle on about :D



P.S. I realise that my blog looks very basic, this is the second blog I've had(the first didn't last very long!), so I hope in time I can improve the layout/design to something a bit more exciting!