Saturday, 21 January 2012

10 Most Worn Beauty Products

Hello everyone :) So I found this little survey thingy on the blog of a lovely lady called Louise. Here blog is amazing please do take a look at it -

1. Most Worn Lipstick and Lipgloss

I don't really ever wear lipstick so I'll have to skip that one and the lipgloss I wear the most would have to be a MUA lip gloss in Shade 5. It's so pretty, a bit shimmery, light and not at all sticky. It also smells slighty sweet which is lovely. :)

2. Most Worn Eyeliner

Number 17 Perfect Definition in black. I don't wear eyeliner that much but I find this one very easy to use and gives a nice effect.

3. Most Worn Nail Varnish

I use a Sally Hansen top coat the most but if I want to use a colour I tend to go for Barry M.

4. Most Worn Eyeshadow

I use my Urban Decay Naked palette allll the time and I love it! I tend to go for shimmery golds and nudes when it comes to eye shadow. The ones I use the most out of the Naked palette are Sin, Half Baked and Smog. I also use Urban Decay's eyeshadow called Chopper. All are very lovely and shimmery which I adore :D

5. Most Worn Concealer

I don't use concealer everyday but when I do I use Urban Decay 24/7 concealer pencil in FBI.

6. Most Worn Foundation

Maybeline Dream Matte Mousse in Fawn. It's so smoooth and blends so nicely, makes me happy :D

7. Most Worn Finishing Powder

I don't use one or even own one! I have dry skin so have never really bothered.

8. Most Worn Blusher

I don't wear blusher often but I do own a Maybeline one, can't remember which shade it's in.

9. Most Worn Bronzer

I've never actually worn bronzer but I would like to try it soon!

10. Most Worn Mascara

Boots No 7 Intense Volume in black.

Which products do you wear most often?

Thanks for reading :)



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  1. i wear the most Clinique mascara and Garnier BB cream..and lipgloss ..thats all kinda.

    i just read you have dry skin!good!lol..i was curious!x