Sunday, 3 March 2013

New Maybelline Color Tattoos - 24K Gold and Light In Purple - Swatches and Mini Review

Hi everyone,
A couple of weeks ago I noticed two new Maybelline Color Tattoo shades in my local Superdrug and without hesitation I bought both. These two new shades are 24K Gold and Light In Purple.

I think both of these new shades are beautiful! I've worn them each a few times now and I'm impressed with the quality, they do seem to differ slightly from the other color tattoos I have in texture. They seem a little more slippery and are less opaque than most of the others. Even though those things sound negative they actually work for me, the Light In Purple shade is beautifully irridescent and adds a sheer wash of shimmery, purpley colour to the eyelids.
24K Gold packs a bit more of a punch pigmentation wise and I've found it works really well on its own with black liquid liner or as a base for a golden eye look, I've topped it with Half Baked from Urban Decay and it looked fantastic. 
I found the wear time with these was as good as the other color tattoos and neither shade creased on me at all throughout the day. I did wear UD primer potion underneath them but I do with everything.
Here's a picture of when I wore 24K Gold topped with UD's Half Baked...
These cream shadows retail for £4.99 each.
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