Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Product Review - Natural Collection Lipstick in Raspberry

Hi everyone :)
If you're looking for a new lipstick to add to your collection this spring, may I suggest an often overlooked brand(by me anyway), Natural Collection. I picked up one of their lipsticks in the shade Raspberry, the other day on a whim and I'm so glad I did!

I normally go for pink lip colours, or pinky red, so which shade I picked up was an easy choice for me. As soon as I swatched this I fell in love with the colour and knew it had to be mine! :)

This product only cost me £1.99 and to be honest the low price is reflected in the packaging(but not in the product thankfully!), the case is white plastic, which I don't mind, my only problem is that the bullet seems to move around a bit and rattle. But I can't complain seeing as the product is great and it's only cheap after all. 

I'd describe the colour of this lipstick as a creamy, rich, medium/dark pink. 

Besides the lovely colour, what I love about this lipstick is the creamy, moisturising texture. I really wasn't expecting this from a cheap lipstick, especially after trying out the MUA lipsticks and not enjoying them that much. 

Pros - Creamy texture, gorgeous colour, pigmented, cheap
Cons - Cheap packaging(but can't really whinge)
Mark out of 10 - 9/10

So anyway, that's my thoughts.
Has anyone else tried Natural Collection lipsticks?
If so, what did you think?
Thanks for reading,

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  1. This looks really pretty. I have actually never heard of this brand