Saturday, 9 June 2012

May Empties

Hi everyone! :)

I know I'm a bit late and It's the 9th of June but here are my May empties.

Spa Sensitive Facial Cleansing Wipes - 25 - 59p
These are just my go to everyday face wipes, they're very cheap, gentle on the skin and get the majority of my make up off.

Orise Avise 3 in 1 Cleansing Facial Wipes - 25 - 99p for 3 packets at Lidl
These were ok, I didn't expect much for the price but they were fine and they got my make up off.

Orise Avise Deep Cleansing Facial Wipes - 25 - 99p for 3 packets at Lidl
These were just the same as the other face wipes from Lidl, they did the job, but they were nothing special really. :)

Spa Cleansing Eye Make Up Remover Pads - 20 - £1 for 2 packets at Home Bargains
I hadn't tried eye make up remover pads before I bought these but they were nice, quite thick and strong, they took eye make up off pretty well and were nice and cheap.

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Moisturiser Shea Butter - 3 Sachets - Free from Garnier Facebook Page
I enjoyed these, they smelt lovely and moisturised really well. And they were free!!

Nivea Creme Soft Shower Cream - Sample
This was so creamy and lovely! I love most Nivea products and I initially really liked it but then it gave me a rash on my armpit. So not so great. :(

Soap and Glory Hand Food - 125ml - £5
I love this stuff! It smells amazing and is lovely, thick and moisturising.

Soap and Glory Girligo Moisturising Mist - 250ml - £6.50
This is a firm favourite that I will keep repurchasing.

Impulse Very Pink Body Spray - 75ml - £1.99
This was ok, quite a sweet scent. Not my favourite and I probably wouldn't buy again.

Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel - 250ml - £2.30
This shower gel smells so gorgeous! It smells like drumstick lollies. It was also moisturising which was good. I'll definitely repurchase this.

Soap and Glory Mini Hand Food - 50ml - £2.50
This is a handbag essential for me! :)

Dove Intensive Repair Regenerating Mask - 200ml - £3.99
This was ok, didn't perform any miracles, probably wouldn't repurchase. 

Nivea Calm and Care Deodorant - 250ml - £3.25    
Nivea definitely make my favourite deodorants and I love the scent of this one. Even my boyfriend commented on how nice it smelt. I'd buy this again.

KK Classics Nail Polish Remover - 150ml - 59p
This was just a cheapie nail polish remover, it did the job and it was a bargainous price. 

Amor Amor Echarel Perfume - 30ml - £14.99
I'm so gutted that I've used this up :( It's my favourite ever perfume and has a gorgeous fruity scent that is just perfect!

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo - 50ml - £1.50
I find this stuff really useful but I prefer the tropical scented one. 

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  1. i admire every girl that can hold the mepty containers as i could never have a empties blog post although i love them but i am too OCD to keep anything empty lol!xx

  2. I keep trying to save up empties to do an empties post, but I never seem to finish anything (except dry shampoo...I go through so much of that stuff!!), despite sticking to one product...been holding on to them since April now & still only have about 4 items, haha, I don't understand!! I'll get there one day!
    Great post,
    Miss Sarah x