Monday, 18 June 2012

My Top 5...Glitter Topcoats

Hi everyone,
I'm going to hopefully be starting a little series on this blog called 'My Top 5...', this is pretty selfexplanitory, I'm just going to do little posts about my top 5 products all from one brand, or of the same type of product e.g. top 5 eyeliners.

So here we go, I looove glittery nail varnish, especially glittery topcoats. I love anything that sparkles and I love the way a glittery top coat can completely transform a regular nail varnish into something extra special.

Oooh prettty :D

Here they are on my nails...

I know the pictures arn't that great so I've done some swatches on some good old paper :)

(From L-R, Claire's Accesories Slice of Shine, BarryM's Pink Iridescent, BarryM's Silver Glitter, Rimmel's Disco Ball, Opi's I Lily Love You)

Claire's Accesories Slice of Shine
This is a gorgeous chunky glitter topcoat it has hexoganol mint green and baby pink glitter and also some fine silver glitter. I think it's great that it has some fine glitter in too, it helps with getting better coverage.

BarryM's Pink Iridescent
This is so girly and beautiful! There is a hint of very pale pink in the actual nail varnish and then the glitter that's suspended in it shines all sorts of lovely colours. This polish provides pretty good coverage in a couple of coats and really looks amazing over so many everyday polishes.

BarryM's Silver Glitter
This polish is packed with glitter! It looks stunning on its own in just a couple of coats. The glitter in this is pretty fine and looks really cool over Collection 2000's 'Shimmy Shake' nail varnish.

Rimmel's Disco Ball
The silver and blue glitters in this polish are really pretty and the blue glitter really stands out. I love layering this over creamy dark purple polishes.

OPI's I Lily Love You
This is a mini, from the 'Nice Stems' collection, its a see-through hot pink base with irregular shaped holographic glitter. It's so pretty and is particularly pretty over OPI's Be A Dahlia Won't You.

Please let me know if you like ths type of post or if I should scrap the idea. :)

Thanks for reading,


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! I think they're probably my favourites :D xx

  2. Ah I love posts like this, deffo keep the idea :D Love the look of the Barry M silver glitter! xx

    1. Ooh I'm glad someone likes the idea :D It's definitely worth getting that silver glitter :) xx

  3. i think the opi one is real pretty! have u seen their minnie mouse one with full hearts in it? looks fab!


    1. Yeh I've seen a swatch of that one before, it looks amazing :D xxx

  4. I have awarded you the "One Lovely Blogger" award! Check out my post for details! Congrats! :)

    -♡ Valerie Angel

    1. Thank you :D That's so nice of you :) xxx