Monday, 30 April 2012

April Empties

I've been so excited to do this post for a while, I know this is a little sad but nevermind :)

- Frizz-Ease Leave-in Conditioning Spray - 75ml - £1.99
I liked this product, It smelt lovely, made my hair feel softer and wasn't at all sticky.
I'd repurchase this but I can't seem to find it anywhere. :(

- Impulse Body Spray in Tease - 75ml - £1.99
This has a gorgeous light, fruity and uplifting scent. It's also very budget friendly!
I'll be repurchasing this.

- Soap & Glory Girligo Spray-On Moisturising Mist - £6.50 for 250ml
This was the 100ml size of this product which I got in a gift set. I love this moisturising mist, It's thin and easy to rub in if you're in a rush. Smells great too!
I already have a couple of back ups of this but I would repurchase it if I ran out!

- Nivea Energy Fresh Deodorant -150ml - £1.49
Nivea deodorants are my favourite deodorants, this is my favourite fragrance made by them though. It's light and refreshing, perfect for waking you up in the morning!
I will be repurchasing this.

- Soap & Glory Flake Away Exfoliator - 300ml - £7
An old favourite of mine, one of these tubs lasts for ages too!
I will be repurchasing this.

- Soap & Glory Pulp Friction Foamy Fruit Body Scrub - 250ml - £8
This is a two in one product really, I recommend using with a shower puff, It then foams up a lot more and is a scrub and body wash all in one.  
I will be repurchasing this.

- Tesco Value Facial Wipes - 25 - 45p
I bought these when I was a bit skint and had run out of face wipes, they're ok but not very moist so you need to use a few, which kind of defeats the point of them being cheap.
I wouldn't repurchase. Unless very skint!

- Charles Worthington Shine All Over Gloss Spray - 75ml - £1.99
I've had this for ages and it's an ok product. It smells nice, it makes my hair look a little brighter but it's no miracle product.
- I wouldn't repurchase this.

- Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara - 7ml - £8.99
I love this mascara! I've used it almost everyday for a couple of months, but now its dried out. I think this could be a holy grail product for me :)
- I've already repurchased this!

- L'oreal Elvive Damage Care Hair Mask - 300ml - £5.20
This masque was nice, it did the job and made my hair feel softer.
- I'll probably repurchase.

- Pantene Pro-v Repair and Protect Shampoo - 500ml - £4.69
One of my favourite shampoos, smells lovely and really works for my hair.
- I'll be repurchasing when I can find it on a good offer!

- Sanex Sensitive Foaming Bath Cream - 650ml - £3.26
This is one of those products I've had hanging round for ages and it really needed using up. I found it was ok, nice enough  but nothing to write home about.
- I probably wouldn't repurchase.

- Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner - 200ml - £1.77(on offer at Boots)
A bit of a disappointment really, I'd heard good things about this but it didn't seem to do much for my hair.
- I wouldn't repurchase.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I've never tried any soap and glory products, but lots of people seem to like their stuff. Maybe I'll have to give them a go :)

    1. You definatly should! You're missing out. :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. I do too! I really enjoyed putting this post together and using products up x