Sunday, 22 April 2012

Amazon Haul!

Hi Everyone :)

I've got a little haul post for you all today! I got a bit excited on Amazon this week and ordered a few goodies. My camera is being a little silly today so please excuse the pictures courtesy of Amazon.

I bought some OPI minis! I bought the Muppets collection which is so pretty and glittery, I love all the colours and can't wait to wear them all. :D

I also bought the Nice Stems collection for under a tenner! Yay :) There's a nice selection of pinks including a really cool glittery topcoat called 'I Lily Love You'.
I'll be featuring these OPI minis in a NOTD soon.

I also bought two cookbooks, which I know may not interest everyone but I'll show you them anyway :)

This book is amazing, it's got so many interesting and unique recipes, such as peanut butter and bacon cookies! It's written by a woman called Joy, she has a great blog ( and makes so many yummy things.

This is the second book I bought, I love the introductions to each chapter, they're very entertaining and I can relate to Sophie's feelings when she was growing up. The recipes look very comforting and delicious! Can't wait to try some out. :)

Thanks for reading


  1. I have the nice stems minis too :) They're really cute colours x

  2. They're gorgeous :) You should definately get the muppets collection, I got it for under a tenner and the colours are really unique :D xx