Monday, 28 January 2013

The Perfect Monday Morning Eye Make Up

Hi everyone,
So it's monday morning and you don't want to get out of bed? Then you roll over for just five more minutes sleep and the next thing you know you're running late! Everyone wants to look nice though, even if it's just to go to work and I think a bit of subtle eye make up can really make you look polished. So here's how I achieve it in about 30 seconds flat!

Ta Dah! It's Maybelline's Color Tattoo in On and on Bronze!
If I sweep this over my lid and smudge it into the crease, all using my finger I get the most wonderful effect! I'm not sure what it is about this cream shadow but the results you get make it look like you've put a lot more effort in to your eye make up than you have and they best part is that it look mere seconds to create! All I then do is apply mascara and my eyes are ready to go!

Here are some pictures of my eyeballs for your amusement...

I'm also wearing Rimmel's nude eyeliner in my waterline and a bit of the color tattoo smudged on my lower lash line.
Which eye product do you turn to when you don't have time to blend loads of eyeshadows together?
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