Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Product Review - Bourjois French Manicure Kit

Hi everyone!
I bought this little french manicure kit a few months ago on reccomendation from a friend at work and I only got round to trying it out a few days ago.
This kit comes with three nail polishes, each are 10ml and it retails for £9.99.
The three polishes you get are..
- Blanc Glamour 91 - An opaque white polish for creating the white tips of your french manicure.
- Rose Lounge 28 - A sheer baby pink/nude polish.
- Bourjois Gloss-Set Top Coat - A clear top coat for creating that polished, glossy finish.
The main selling point of this kit (apart from getting three lovely polishes for £9.99!), is the unique shape of the brush in the white polish.
As you can see in the picture the brush is curved with one tip quite a bit longer than the other side which makes it perfect for getting the little side bits of your nails. I really like this brush, I think it's a great idea and makes for a much more precise application.
And here's how I did...
Please excuse my cuticules! :D
I found the kit very easy to use and I think you could get pretty good results. I found that the brush in the white nail polish really did help with application, however the application on my right hand wasn't as good but I think with a bit of practice, time and patience you could get some really good results.
- Really nice quality nail polishes.
- Good value for money(a single Bourjois polish costs £5.99!)
- Nicely shaped brush that really does aid application.
- Really glossy topcoat.
- Fairly quick drying time.
- Only lasted 3 days without chips.
So overall, I do really like this kit, I think it's great value for money and very nice quality.
Thanks for reading,

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