Monday, 16 July 2012

Product Review - L'oreal Caresse

Hi everyone,
I've got a review on one of my favourite lip products for you today. 
The L'oreal Caresse's were launched in the UK around the same time as the Revlon Lip Butters, but the lip butters seem to get all the attention at the time. 

In my opinion these are much nicer than the lip butters and a definitely worth trying out.

I have three shades and they are...

Here are some swatches(yay!) :)

(L-R Cheeky Magenta, Sweet Berry, Aphrodite Scarlet)

- Super moisturising
- Buildable colour
- They smell like rosewater
- The packaging is sleek and sturdy
- Bright colours and subtle colours are available
- Can be applied without using a mirror
- Great if you're not confident wearing lipstick
- The same price as the lip butters and they're much better! (in my opinion)

- Not super long wearing
- Some of the colours are more pigmented than others, making them a little inconsistent

Overall I love these lip products, I wear them most days and I think they're one of the best lip products available for the summer.
Sorry my review is a little short, would you like to see more product reviews? 
Please let me know :)
Thanks for reading,

P.S. Today's my birthday so this past weekend has been pretty busy hence the lack of posts :D 


  1. All the shades are beautiful <3 <3 Happy belated b'day!!!
    Nice blog honey :)

  2. Ooh love cheeky magenta! Happy birthday :) xx

    1. Thank you :) Cheeky magenta is lovely but very bright! xx